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Saturday, June 15, 2024

UPDATE: Tropical Cyclone REMAL strikes India and Bangladesh (GDACS, IMD, India Sphere, Save the Children, NOAA-CPC) – ECHO Daily Flash, 31 May 2024

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Tropical Cyclone REMAL Update

Impact of Tropical Cyclone REMAL in India and Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh were hit by Tropical Cyclone REMAL, resulting in severe flooding, landslides, and significant human toll.

In India, the storm caused 39 reported deaths in Mizoram, with many missing individuals and thousands injured.

Dozens of people are still missing, over 500 were injured, and significant displacement occurred, affecting nearly 21,000 individuals and causing damage to 175 homes across several states.

In Bangladesh, 16 deaths were reported, impacting 3.75 million individuals, with approximately 150,000 homes affected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Cyclone Impact

Q: What was the death toll in India and Bangladesh due to Cyclone REMAL?

A: In India, 39 deaths were reported, with Mizoram being the most affected. In Bangladesh, 16 deaths were recorded.

Q: How many individuals were affected in West Bengal’s South 24 Parganas district?

A: 1.9 million people were affected, with thousands of homes damaged and over 150,000 individuals evacuated to relief camps.


Efforts are underway to address the immediate needs of the affected populations in India and Bangladesh, with collaboration between local authorities, humanitarian organizations, and the international community being crucial for a coordinated response.

Continued monitoring and assessment are essential to determine the full extent of the impact and to inform ongoing relief efforts. Your support and generosity can make a difference in the lives of those affected by the cyclone.

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