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Friday, June 14, 2024

January 2024 Country Brief: WFP India

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On 12th January, WFP in collaboration with NITI Aayog (the apex public policy think tank of the Government) launched a compendium of inspiring stories on millets mainstreaming in India, and other Asian, and African countries. The launch was a part of Mapping and Exchange of the Good Practices (MEGP) Initiative started in the International Year of Millets. The compendium compiles inspiring and replicable practices that can motivate the practitioners to increase the uptake of millets as climate resilient nutri-crops.

Operational Updates

Social Protection and Supply Chain

  • 20 Annapurti or grain-dispensing solutions have been operationalised in Uttarakhand, completing the initial phase of the Annapurti scale-up. With this installation,WFP has effectively operationalized 29 Annapurti solutions across India. WFP is compiling the findings from the pilot which will inform the government’s consideration for further scale-up.
  • WFP has been working with the Department of Food and Public Distribution and the Food Corporation of India to implement a SMART warehouse solution that uses wireless sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, and rodent infestation in warehouses across India. The data collected is accessible through a web-based application. Following pilots facilitated by WFP, the Government has requested the Food Corporation of India and the Central Warehousing Corporation to scale up the solution across warehouses storing government grain stocks for considerable periods.
  • WFP has finalised a work plan to enhance national evaluation capacity development initiatives in collaboration with the Development Monitoring and Evaluation Office (DMEO) of NITI Aayog. The work plan outlines WFP’s technical assistance to DMEO in conducting food security and nutrition evaluations, providing training, and capacity-building programmes for government officials to monitor and evaluate government food security and nutrition initiatives.

Nutrition and School Feeding

  • As a part of the school feeding programme in Jaipur,WFP has set up 1800 nutrition gardens in schools, which aim to increase supply of fresh vegetables and fruits in school meals as well as to educate children on locally available food and their nutritional value.Teachers and cooks have been trained to incorporate freshly harvested vegetables in daily menus.


Are there any future initiatives in the pipeline for WFP in India?

Yes, WFP is constantly exploring and developing new initiatives to further improve food security and nutrition in India.

Is WFP working with any other government departments in India?

Yes, WFP is collaborating with various government departments and agencies to implement and scale up solutions for the benefit of the people in India.


The operational updates and initiatives undertaken by WFP in India demonstrate the organization’s commitment to enhancing food security, nutrition, and supply chain management. By collaborating with government bodies and implementing innovative solutions, WFP is making a positive impact on communities across the country.

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