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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

India Country Annual Report and Strategic Plan 2023-2027

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India Country Annual Report and Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Key Messages

  • WFP supports India in enhancing its food-based social protection systems.
  • Efforts include innovative pilots, technical inputs, capacity strengthening, and evidence generation.
  • WFP facilitates knowledge sharing through various events and high-level visits.

Supporting India’s SDG-2 Vision and Targets

India’s economy showed strong growth in 2023 with investments in food subsidies and extended distribution of free food grains to millions of beneficiaries. WFP’s new country strategic plan (CSP) for 2023-2027 aligns with India’s priorities in food and nutrition security, focusing on efficiency, nutrition, inclusivity, and climate resilience in social protection systems and government schemes.

WFP’s Contributions in 2023

  • Expansion of automated grain dispensing machines in six states.
  • Optimizing supply routes for food grains under the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS).
  • Providing fortified rice to nearly 400 million beneficiaries.
  • School nutrition gardens initiative with training for cooks and setup of kitchen gardens.
  • Support for climate-resilient agriculture initiatives and piloting new technologies.

Focus on Millets, Inclusion, and Evaluation

  • WFP provided actionable evidence on millet production and consumption during the International Year of Millets.
  • Engaged with women collectives for socio-economic empowerment through digital and financial resources.
  • Strengthened support for national evaluation capacity development, including key assessments and reports.

Monitoring, Capacity Strengthening, and Global Knowledge Sharing

WFP developed interactive dashboards for tracking SDG-2 indicators, enhanced research officers’ skills, and conducted technical trainings for government officers. The organization facilitated sharing of knowledge and solutions with countries like Ghana and Nigeria, with a focus on disaster management, rice fortification, and emergency response.

Main Partners and Collaborations

WFP partners with various ministries, agencies, and departments in India to support food and nutrition security initiatives. Collaborations include the Ministry of Agriculture, NITI Aayog, Disaster Management Offices, Food Safety Standards Authority, Education Departments, and more. Partnerships with Indian Institutes of Technology further enhance WFP’s efforts in India.


  • What is WFP’s focus in India?
  • How does WFP support India’s SDG-2 vision and targets?
  • Who are WFP’s main partners in India?


In conclusion, WFP’s support in making India’s food-based social protection systems more efficient, nutritious, inclusive, and climate-proof is crucial for achieving food and nutrition security goals in the country. Through various initiatives, partnerships, and capacity-building efforts, WFP continues to play a significant role in enhancing the well-being of millions of beneficiaries in India.

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