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Monday, June 17, 2024

Cyclone Alert for West Bengal Coast: India Meteorological Department Bulletin No. 6 (BOB/01/2024) – Deep Depression over Eastcentral Bay of Bengal (Issued at 0915 Hours IST on 25.05.2024)

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Cyclone Alert for West Bengal Coast

Deep Depression over Eastcentral Bay of Bengal

The Depression over Eastcentral Bay of Bengal has intensified into a Deep Depression, moving north-northeastwards with a speed of 15 kmph. As of 0530 hrs IST on 25th May, 2024, it was centered near latitude 17.6°N and longitude 89.7°E, about 490 km south of Khepupara (Bangladesh), 380 km southsoutheast of Sagar Islands (West Bengal), and 530 km south-southeast of Canning (West Bengal).

Intensification into Cyclonic Storm

The Deep Depression is likely to continue moving north-northeastwards and intensify into a Cyclonic Storm over eastcentral Bay of Bengal in the next 12 hours. Subsequently, it is expected to move nearly northwards and further intensify into a Severe Cyclonic Storm by the morning of 26th May. The forecast suggests that the storm will continue its northward trajectory and is likely to cross Bangladesh and adjoining West Bengal coasts between Sagar Island and Khepupara by midnight on 26th May, with wind speeds of 110-120 kmph gusting to 135 kmph.

Stay Informed and Prepared

With the Deep Depression intensifying into a Cyclonic Storm and the potential of turning into a Severe Cyclonic Storm, it is crucial for residents in the affected areas to stay informed and prepared for the upcoming weather conditions. It is advisable to closely monitor updates from meteorological departments and follow any evacuation orders or safety guidelines issued by local authorities. Additionally, individuals should secure their homes, belongings, and be ready with essential supplies in case of any disruptions due to the cyclonic activity.

Impact on Bangladesh and West Bengal

The expected path of the Cyclonic Storm indicates that Bangladesh and West Bengal are likely to experience adverse weather conditions, including strong winds and heavy rainfall. The storm’s landfall as a Severe Cyclonic Storm could lead to potential damages to infrastructure, crops, and disruptions in normal life. It is essential for residents in these areas to take necessary precautions and stay prepared for any emergencies that may arise due to the cyclonic impact.

Collaboration for Disaster Response

In anticipation of the cyclonic activity, it is crucial for disaster management authorities, government agencies, and local communities to collaborate effectively for a coordinated disaster response. Preparations should include setting up shelters, evacuation plans, medical facilities, and ensuring the availability of resources to address any post-cyclone challenges. Timely communication and coordination among all stakeholders will be essential in mitigating the impact of the cyclonic storm and ensuring the safety and well-being of the affected populations.


1. How can residents prepare for the cyclonic storm?

Residents should stay informed through meteorological updates and follow evacuation orders if necessary. Secure homes, belongings, and have essential supplies ready.

2. What impact is expected on Bangladesh and West Bengal?

Both areas are likely to experience strong winds, heavy rainfall, and potential damage to infrastructure and crops due to the cyclonic storm.

3. What collaboration is essential for effective disaster response?

Effective collaboration among disaster management authorities, government agencies, and local communities is crucial for a coordinated disaster response to mitigate the impact of the cyclonic storm.


For more information and real-time updates on the Cyclonic Storm over Eastcentral Bay of Bengal, please refer to the official websites of the Indian Meteorological Department and other relevant meteorological agencies. Stay safe and stay informed during this period of inclement weather.

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