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Monday, June 10, 2024

Celebrating India’s Polio-Free Status, Striving for a Global Polio-Free Future

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Alarming Rise in Measles Cases

Countries worldwide are facing a concerning increase in measles cases, a deadly disease that can be prevented through vaccination. The US recently issued a health alert due to rising cases, surpassing the total number of cases from the previous year. In European and Central Asian countries, the number of measles cases has risen from under a thousand to over 30,000.

The Importance of Vaccination

As a survivor of a vaccine-preventable disease, Minda Dentler emphasizes the importance of vaccination. Born in India in the 1970s, she contracted polio due to a lack of available vaccines in the country. Before vaccines became common, diseases like polio and measles caused significant suffering and death worldwide.

Lessons from Polio Eradication Efforts

Efforts to eradicate polio globally have been successful, with a 99.9% reduction in cases since 1988. India, once considered the most challenging country to end polio, was certified as polio-free a decade ago. The country’s success in vaccinating millions of children and implementing mass vaccination campaigns serves as a model for other countries.

Replicating Success and Innovations

India’s strategies in polio eradication are now being used in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the remaining endemic countries. While challenges persist, innovations such as community microplanning and collaboration with humanitarian organizations show promise in reaching remote populations. With continued support and commitment, the goal of eradicating polio and other preventable diseases can be achieved globally.


Q: Why are measles cases on the rise globally?
A: Measles cases are increasing due to a lack of vaccination coverage in certain regions.

Q: What can be learned from India’s polio eradication efforts?
A: India’s success in polio eradication highlights the importance of mass vaccination campaigns and reaching remote populations.


Vaccination plays a crucial role in preventing deadly diseases like polio and measles. By learning from successful efforts in countries like India, we can strive towards a future free of preventable diseases worldwide. Continued support, innovation, and commitment are essential in achieving this goal.

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