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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Severe Weather and Landslide in India Reported by NDMI, Media, and IMD on 17th June 2024

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Severe Weather and Landslide in India

Overview of Severe Weather and Landslide Incident in India

India has experienced heavy rainfall in the northeastern region since June 13, leading to a landslide in Mangan district in Sikkim. The Indian National Disaster Management Authority (NDMI) reported casualties, injuries, and people affected by the landslide.


  • What is the current situation in Mangan district?
    As of June 14, six casualties, one injury, and 3,070 affected individuals have been reported due to the landslide. Additionally, 52 houses have been damaged, with 25 being fully destroyed.
  • What is the forecast for rainfall in Sikkim State?
    The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasts light to moderate rainfall in Sikkim State over the next 24 hours.
  • How is the NDMI responding to the situation?
    The NDMI has evacuated individuals to evacuation centers and issued a red warning for heavy rain in Mangan district on June 17.


The recent landslide in Sikkim emphasizes the importance of disaster risk reduction and preparedness in India. Collaboration between the NDMI, IMD, and other relevant agencies is vital in addressing the immediate impacts of natural disasters and enhancing the country’s resilience to such events.

By prioritizing disaster risk reduction, climate adaptation, and sustainable development, India can better protect its population and infrastructure from the growing threats of extreme weather events.

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