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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Security Plans: Modi 3.0: G20-style security preparations set for swearing-in ceremony | Delhi News

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Security Apparatus for Swearing-In Ceremony

Sources revealed that a security setup similar to the G20 summit will be in place for the swearing-in ceremony likely to be held on June 9 in New Delhi. A ground-to-air surveillance is being established in coordination with intelligence agencies and armed forces to secure central Delhi.

Challenges Faced by Delhi Police

Three primary challenges for the Delhi Police include the security of hotels where heads of state and dignitaries will be staying, movement of their carcade, and ensuring the security of the route between the hotel and the venue. Measures are being taken to provide heavy security cover to four hotels – Taj, Maurya, Leela, and Oberoi. Each dignitary will be given a call sign for coordinating their movement.

Arrangements for the Ceremony

An elaborate brainstorming session was conducted at the Delhi Police headquarters to discuss the arrangements. Venue commanders of DCP rank will be present at each hotel where foreign heads of state will stay, reporting to zonal/vertical commanders of special commissioner ranks. Intelligence cooperation with foreign counterparts is ongoing to ensure foolproof security.

Security Technology

The use of advance intrusion alert systems and posture detection mechanisms will help filter out suspicious movements. AI-based cameras and software will raise alarms if any unusual activities are detected, such as scaling walls or abnormal body movements.

Staff Vetting and Control Rooms

The vetting and background check of hotel staff are being conducted by special branch and security unit. Separate staff sets for each floor will be contained to their respective floors, and control rooms will be set up for cops and security personnel during the event.

Enhanced Vigilance

During the ceremony, state borders will be sealed, and extra vigilance will be maintained at malls, markets, monuments, and places of worship. Quick response teams, commando units, and strike forces will be deployed with special vehicles to ensure security.


What are the primary security challenges faced by Delhi Police?

The primary challenges faced by Delhi Police include ensuring the security of hotels where dignitaries will stay, managing the movement of their carcade, and securing the route between the hotel and the venue.

How is staff vetting being conducted for the event?

The vetting and background check of hotel staff are being carried out by the special branch and security unit to ensure the safety and security of the ceremony.

What technology is being used for security during the ceremony?

Advanced intrusion alert systems, posture detection mechanisms, and AI-based cameras and software are being utilized to detect and respond to any suspicious activities during the event.


The rigorous security preparations and arrangements for the swearing-in ceremony in New Delhi reflect a G20-style security approach. The integration of advanced technology, staff vetting procedures, and enhanced vigilance demonstrate a comprehensive strategy to ensure the safety of dignitaries and attendees during the event.

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