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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

QR code becomes popular; Singapore goalkeeper advises Chinese fans to refrain from sending him money | Football News

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QR Code Popularity and Singapore Goalkeeper’s Advice to Chinese Fans

QR Code Popularity and Singapore Goalkeeper

Singapore national football team goalkeeper Hassan Sunny has asked Chinese football fans to stop sending him money following a surge in donations after his impressive performance in a match against Thailand inadvertently helped China progress to the next round of World Cup qualifiers. During the game, Hassan made 11 saves, preventing Thailand from securing the goal difference needed to overtake China in the group standings.

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Concerns About Legality and Scams

Despite Thailand’s victory, they did not qualify for the next round. Hassan’s performance caught the attention of Chinese football enthusiasts, who began sending him monetary donations through the QR code for the food stall he operates with his wife. While initially amused by the gesture, Hassan grew concerned about the legality and sustainability of the donations. In an interview with Singaporean broadcaster CNA, he expressed worries about when the donations would stop and whether they were legal. He also voiced concerns about potential scams targeting well-intentioned fans, as fake QR codes began circulating online.

Addressing the Situation Directly

In a social media post, Hassan thanked Chinese football fans for their support but urged them to be rational and stop transferring money to him through the internet. He appreciated their passion but emphasized the need to avoid falling victim to scams or engaging in illegal activities.


In conclusion, Hassan Sunny’s request to Chinese football fans highlights the ethical concerns surrounding unsolicited donations and potential scams. It is essential for fans to show support responsibly and ensure that their actions comply with legalities to prevent any fraudulent activities. Hassan’s message serves as a reminder of the importance of thoughtful and cautious interactions, even in moments of sports enthusiasm.

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