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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Preventing Heatwave Deaths: A Focus on Issue No. 210, May 2024

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Heatwave Deaths Are Avoidable

This issue of emphasizes that heatwave deaths are avoidable and it is important for us to act on this knowledge. The contributors share their perspectives on managing heatwave risks and preventing heatwave-caused deaths.

Contributions in This Issue

1. Heatwave Deaths Are Avoidable

In this article, Mihir R. Bhatt from AIDMI in India stresses the importance of taking action to prevent heatwave-related deaths.

2. Comments from Guest Editor

Dr. Nibedita S. Ray-Bennett from the Avoidable Deaths Network in the UK shares her insights on the topic of avoiding heatwave deaths.

18. Heatwave Displacement

Ashish Ghadiali from Radical Ecology and the University of Exeter in the UK emphasizes that heatwave displacement and deaths due to displacement are avoidable.


How can heatwave deaths be avoided?

Heatwave deaths can be avoided by taking proactive measures such as building resilience, recognizing needs, promoting preparedness, and using data effectively.

What are some techniques to avoid heatwaves?

Techniques to avoid heatwaves include enhancing resilience, implementing innovative solutions, and using Appreciative Inquiry to understand specific needs.

Why is data important in preventing heatwave deaths?

Data plays a crucial role in humanitarian action as it helps in understanding the impact of heatwaves, identifying vulnerable populations, and implementing targeted interventions to prevent deaths.


By reading these diverse perspectives, readers can find ways to manage heatwave risk and prevent heatwave-caused deaths. It is crucial for individuals, communities, and organizations to work together in implementing strategies to mitigate the effects of heatwaves and ensure a safer environment for all.

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