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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Cyclone Remal Situation Report as of 28/05/2024

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Current Scenario

As per the latest situation report, Cyclone Remal has caused significant damage in West Bengal, India. Kolkata Airport, several trains, and Kolkata Port have been affected by the cyclone. The cyclone has also caused heavy rainfall and strong winds in various parts of the region.

Impacts in West Bengal

Kolkata Airport was closed from May 26 to May 27. Trains on the Sealdah South Branch and Howrah-BBandel Branch have been cancelled, with limited services resuming after May 27. Kolkata Port has taken security measures, and Kolkata and Haldia received significant rainfall. High wind speeds were recorded in various areas.

West Bengal has seen seven deaths due to the cyclone, with damages to thousands of houses. Trees, electric poles, and power lines have been affected, causing disruptions in electricity supply. The Sundarbans region has reported minor damages to dams, and various agricultural activities have been impacted. Metro services in Kolkata were also disrupted due to water logging.


For continued support and emergency appeals related to Cyclone Remal in Bangladesh, organizations like IFRC and UNICEF are actively involved in providing humanitarian assistance.

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The aftermath of Cyclone Remal in West Bengal, India, has left a trail of destruction with several casualties and widespread damage to infrastructure. Immediate relief efforts and ongoing support from humanitarian organizations are crucial in aiding the affected communities to recover from the disaster.

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